New Links to My Website

16 Jan

Hello Blog Followers,

I have added some links at the bottom of my website for you to gain some additional knowledge surrounding health and fitness.  These are the sites I refer to on almost a daily basis to educate myself on the latest and greatest surrounding health and fitness.  Each is unique in their own and I have posted them so that you can take away from it whatever you feel applies to you.

The Eat Clean Diet – Tosca Reno is, to me, the “Queen of Eating Clean”.  She made a life altering decision in her early 40’s which transformed her in to the woman she is today.  I have included a before/after shot just to prove to those naysayers that it’s never too late to make a change.  At 52 she is actually on this month’s cover of Oxygen magazine in a bathing suit!!  She has numerous books out there that explain the clean eating lifestyle and a number of cookbooks which focus on the notion that we need to get back to our roots and eat “clean” food.  Less processed food and more natural foods.  A lot of what I will be preaching in my blog about food I have learned from her.  I had the pleasure of meeting her personally in August of 2010 at the CanFit Pro Conference (picture in gallery) and she is truly a remarkable woman.  She looks even better in person!!!

BodyRock TV – this website was introduced to me by a fellow co-worker a few years ago and I must warn you…the exercises posted on this site are quite intense!!  But then again, so are their bodies!  The workouts are short (anywhere between 12-16 minutes) and can be done in the comfort of your own home but if I haven’t said it already, they are intense.  Definitely not recommended for beginners.

Tracy Anderson – Tracy is a celebrity trainer who became famous for transforming Gwyneth Paltrow in preparation for the Iron Man movie after the birth of her second child.  She also trained Madonna and her current clientelle includes the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, Faith Hill and Shakira just to name a few.  The Tracy Anderson method is different than any other training method I have seen out there.  She gears her workouts towards working the smaller accessory muscles as opposed to the large muscle groups.  The results – long and lean muscle definition without the bulk!  I have been training for over 20 years now and I can say, without hesitation, that her method works!  The difficulty lies within keeping up with her workouts.  Unlike the BodyRock workouts that can be completed in less than 20 minutes, Tracy’s workouts require a minimum 1 hour dedication, 6 days a week!  That’s a lot of commitment.  But again…my belief is you get out what you put in.  She puts in A LOT as you can see.

Oxygen Magazine – this magazine is filled with lots of information about healthy eating and exercise.  There are plenty out there but this, along with Shape, are my fitness mags of choice.  This magazine features Tosca Reno in every issue (probably why it’s my fave)!!!




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