Foods Good for your HEALTH and your SKIN

8 Feb

Blueberries Fight Aging Skin
Antioxidants help fight the signs of aging skin, and blueberries are a great source.  Rich in vitamin C, blueberries can play a healthy role and taste great as a cereal topping and tossed into salads.  Other sources of antioxidants that you can include in your healthy diet are red wine and dark chocolate.
Here’s a tip:  Eating fruits and veggies in their fresh, raw form provides more antioxidants than when cooked.

Whole Wheat Helps Promote Digestion
Think of whole-wheat bread and other whole-grain products as smart food for your skin — they’re a healthy alternative to refined white bread or pasta.  White breads and white pastas create a spike in insulin, which isn’t good for your skin. Whole grains are also packed with fiber, which promotes healthy digestion.

Water Hydrates Your Skin
There are molecules in the skin that actually bind water.  Your skin will not be as plump if you are dehydrated.  Skin also becomes dry when it loses too much water, so you need to drink plenty of liquids to replace daily water loss. Water is also a good alternative to sugary beverages that could negatively affect your skin by causing insulin levels to rise and fall dramatically.

Green Tea Helps Skin and Overall Health
Green tea has two benefits for your skin: It contains antioxidants, which may fight the effects of aging, and drinking it is a good way to stay hydrated. When given the option, choose green tea over beverages that don’t promote skin health.

Sweet Potatoes Help Reduce Wrinkles
Sweet potatoes give you a healthy dose of vitamin A, which has been found to help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.  It is a good idea to include sweet potatoes and other foods rich in vitamin A as part of a healthy diet.

Broccoli Helps Fight Fine Lines
Broccoli and other green vegetables are great for the skin. The richer the color of veggies and fruits, the more likely they are to contain the nutrients you need for a healthy diet.  Darker broccoli florets provide more vitamins A and C, and both of these vitamins help fight fine lines and wrinkles.

Avocado Enhances Your Complexion
Avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamins A and C, and fiber, make them an almost perfect healthy food that enhances your complexion and fight aging skin.  Avocado is also a common ingredient in homemade or natural skin masks.

Vitamin D Slows Skin Aging
Vitamin D isn’t found naturally in the diet, but it is important for healthy skin, especially as people age.  People usually get Vitamin D through sun exposure, but if you live in a less sunny area or stay inside a lot, you need to get it through your diet. You can drink vitamin D-enriched beverages, eat foods fortified with vitamin D, or take a supplement in order to help slow the aging process on your skin.


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