Healthy Treats

17 Feb

Okay, so you are on a health kick and you have started your healthy eating plan and have even been able to get a structured workout routine going on.  Good for you!!  But let’s face it…every once in a while you wish you could just indulge in some processed, tasty salty/sweet foods that are not a part of your daily “health” routine but won’t put your new found health in jeopardy.  Well guess what?  There are PLENTY of options to choose from.   You just need to educate yourself on what is available to you and which snacks are good for you as opposed to the over-processed foods that will wreak havoc on your new found healthy body.  Well, thanks to a dear friend and her generous co-workers, I was given the opportunity to sample a few of these “healthy treats” and let me tell you…they were so good I actually felt guilty for not feeling guilty!!!

Enjoy Life Foods – Mountain Mambo
This nut-free mix is a combination of sunflower kernels, pumpkin seeds, raisins, apples, chocolate chips and cranberries.  A much healthier version of your standard trail mix that you would find in your local grocery store loaded with sugar.  Other than the chocolate chips which contain brown sugar and evaporated cane juice, you won’t find any added sugar in this mix.  A ¼ cup serving only contains 130 calories!!  Go nuts!

Food Should Taste Good – Multigrain Tortilla Chips
O M G!!!  Who knew flax, sunflower, sesame seeds, brown rice, quinoa and soy could combine to make a chip that is soooo good you can’t stop at having just 1???  I brought this bag in to work for my co-workers to try and let’s just say that once the first one got a hold of them, the others didn’t stand a chance!  These chips are just way too good to share.   Made with all natural ingredients, all of the chips produced by Food Should Taste Good are certified kosher, gluten and lactose free and contain no MSG or preservatives, trans fats or cholesterol.  YES!!  These are chips.  Who knew?  Other flavours of these chips include olive, salt & vinegar, lime, white cheddar, chocolate (yup that’s right, I said CHOCOLATE flavoured chips!!)  Don’t even get me started on their sweet potato chips…

Enjoy Life Foods – Snack Bars
I don’t know if any of you give your children Nutrigrain bars for lunch thinking it’s a healthy snack option like I used to but I am sorry to break it to you, the ingredients in a Nutrigrain bar are anything but healthy.  With ingredients that include sugar, molasses, corn starch, corn syrup (all derivatives of sugar by the way) and more sugar, I could no longer consciously pack this in my children’s lunch bag thinking it would be a healthy treat.  I might as well have just spoon-fed them some processed white sugar right out of the sugar bowl!  Not to mention that Nutrigrain bars contain wheat and dairy which are ingredients my daughter cannot ingest.

Then along comes Enjoy Life with these snack bars that look like a Nutrigrain bar but contain absolutely no wheat or dairy and oh yes…NATURAL sugar such as evaporated cane juice and ground sugar beet fibre!!!  Did I mention these treats are also nut free so they make a great healthy snack to put in your kids’ lunch boxes as well as your own?  They come in a variety of flavours so take your pick and enjoy!!

I advise all my clients to stick to a whole foods based diet and try to avoid processed foods at all cost.  But I am also a firm believer in not depriving yourself and enjoying life.  If you can’t enjoy some indulgences once in a while what is the point of being so strict most of the time???  All good behaviour should be rewarded right?  Isn’t that what we teach our children?  We are all human and should indulge every once in a while on “treats” that can satisfy that salty craving or sweet tooth.  And you know what?  You deserve it!  Remember the 80-20 rule.  If you are being good about your diet 80% of the time, you should allow yourself some indulgences 20% of the time.  The trick though, is to be smart about it.

All of the above products were provided to me by Higgins Cohn.  You can find their products in health food stores such as Whole Foods and Nature’s Emporium (Newmarket).  You can also find some of their brands in your local grocery food store chains such as Metro, Loblaws, Sobey’s and Longos.  Happy shopping!!

Thanks Cristina for providing me with all these delicious treats!

Have a fit and fabulous day.

Until next time,



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