You’re Never Too Old…

8 Mar

Sorry I didn’t have a post up this morning.  It’s been a crazy few days and I was soooo exhausted when I got home last night.  I thought I would share with my readers what’s been going on in my life these days…

Last week I responded to an ad that was looking for “real” women to feature in an upcoming fashion show.  An old designer friend of mine is releasing a new collection for Fall/Winter 2012 during next week’s Fashion Week and is looking for versatility in the women who display this new collection as opposed to professional models.  So I figured what the heck and sent in a couple of pictures of myself to the team with some of my personal stats.  I know I am close to 40 and my modeling days were over many years ago but I felt this wave of excitement come over me when I read the ad that I haven’t felt in a while and I couldn’t ignore it.  That excitement was ten-fold when I received the email congratulating me on being chosen as one of the models!!

I am a full-time working, busy, single mother of two and some may be reading this saying “what is she thinking??”  But you know what?  If this past year has taught me anything, it has taught me to follow my heart and do what makes me happy.  You only live once.  Yes, I am a mother first and foremost and my children are and always will be my first priority but that doesn’t define who I am.  I am a fitness and health fanatic.  I am also a former model and pageant winner.  Not something I tell people every day but it is definitely a part of who I am or at least a part of who I was at some point in my past.  So when this opportunity arose, I figured it would give me the opportunity to check one more thing off my list of things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 40.  Strutting on the runway was something I always wanted to do again and here it is.  It brings me back to a conversation I had with my son just last week when he asked me if I thought he could make it to the NHL. I was honest with him.  I told him that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.  The only sure way he would NOT get in to the NHL is if he would give up wanting it so bad.  That will probably happen eventually, but I will let him decide that.  For now, who am I to destroy his dream?  And it’s good to dream…

I think I am the oldest model featured in this collection (the majority of these women are still in university) but you know what, that doesn’t bother me at all.  I guess one of the advantages of getting older is that you get wiser with age.  And with age comes confidence – something I lacked 20 years ago.

So last night I was at rehearsal downtown and got home just in time to put the kids to bed.  After that I was so exhausted I decided to put myself to bed.  I have a fitting scheduled on Saturday when I get to find out what wonderful creation I will be wearing and then we have another rehearsal on Sunday afternoon.  Kids will be with their dad so I don’t feel guilty being away from them again.  The Fashion Show is next Wednesday.  I am so pumped I can’t wait!!  It’s been a long time since I have stepped on a runway.  My goal is to just enjoy the moment and have fun with it.  Wish me luck!

I will post pics as soon as I have some to share!!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous


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