Enjoy Life® Foods

23 Mar

As a woman, I have to admit, I haven’t met a chocolate I didn’t like.  The problem, however, is since I have given up dairy and become pretty strict with my eating regimen, I really don’t eat it anymore and the odd time that I do, I feel extremely guilty about it.  Well not anymore!!!  Let me introduce you to a company called Enjoy Life®.

Enjoy Life® products are gluten-free and free of the top 8 allergens which include wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, egg, fish and shellfish.  So guess what?  That means even my daughter (who suffers from Candida and is supposed to stay away from wheat, dairy and processed sugar) is able to share in these delicious treats with me!!  So the other night, it was that time of the month when anything I see makes me want chocolate, and more chocolate (ladies you know what I am talking about) and I remembered that I had some products given to me by Enjoy Life® to try.

O M G!!!

They were so yummy that as I reached in for my second helping of the Mega Chunks, I had to keep reading the ingredients on the package to make sure I wasn’t missing some ingredient.  You know the kind…the “it tastes so good, must be bad for me” type of ingredient.  And nope, nothing.  I checked, and double checked and triple checked, and nothing!  Only three ingredients:  cocoa mass, cocoa butter and brown sugar.  Okay so yes, there’s sugar…but not the refined, processed kind you find in all other forms of sweets!!!  Honestly, I couldn’t help myself from taking a second and third handful, even though my intention was to just try them and later use them for baking.  My daughter and I practically ate half the bag before my son came over wondering what all the hype was about.  Now let me tell you, he does NOT have a sweet tooth and I was just waiting for him to make that disgusted face but it never came!!  He liked them too and asked for more.  He even asked me if he could have some for breakfast this morning.  Ummm…NOT!  A treat is a treat and not something I allow for breakfast on a school morning no matter how good it is.

The granola crunch is just as tasty.  Now that is something you can have for breakfast, either on its own or mixed with some almond milk or it’s great just as a snack.  And the amazing thing is that my kids are able to bring these Enjoy Life® products to school because they are nut free!!!  I love it.

Thanks Enjoy Life®  for allowing me to try your newest products.  They are a hit in our household and I am sure they will be a hit in many other households nationwide.  Feel free to make us your guinea pigs for any other new products you have. We will be more than happy to sample them for you!

For more information on their products visit www.enjoylifefoods.com

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!



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