Living Your Moksha – Week #1 Challenge – BE HEALTHY

2 May

The first challenge of this 7-week Moksha challenge is to “Be Healthy”.

I know this sounds like a very general statement but as it relates to this particular challenge, it means to eliminate all processed foods from your diet from May 1-7.  As an avid follower of the Eat Clean Diet, this will not require any major changes in my daily diet, however, the fun thing about this challenge is that they offer “supersize” challenges every week.  My supersize challenge this week is to practice yoga daily.  It’s going to be tough considering I am travelling this weekend but heck…it’s Yoga!  I can even practice it in my hotel room first thing in the morning before my kids wake up.  See…where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Now back to the processed food thing.  Do you know that eating too much processed food often leads to obesity, cancer and diabetes?  Why wouldn’t you want to try to stay away from these foods even for a week?

What is processed food you ask?  They are foods that have been:

• Heated (e.g. processed canned and dried food)

• Milled (e.g. white flour)

• Pressure treated (e.g. milk)

• Irradiated (e.g. herbs, spices, herbal infusions)

• Contain food additives (e.g. noodles, dairy products, cooking sauces).

Processed foods are easy to recognize – they’re nearly always in a package.


Here are some tips for avoiding or eliminating processed foods:

Eliminating processed foods is the first step in making healthy food choices. If you want to start avoiding processed foods, here are some tips:

• Anything in a package is usually processed.  Avoid packaged foods as much as possible, and look for fresh food alternatives

• Unhealthy ingredients in processed foods are easily spotted on food labels.

strawberriesYou can then look for alternative products that don’t contain additives

• Look in the pantry and see how many processed items you’re actually eating. You can gradually stop buying products with lots of artificial additives or unhealthy additives (like sugars, fats and salt), and replace them with healthier alternatives

• Buy whole grain flours and breads instead of white

• Buy whole fresh fruit or frozen fruit instead of canned fruit

• Enjoy higher nutritional values of vegetables by starting your own vegetable garden and picking in-season vegetables as you need them.

• Minimize processed meats (ham, bacon etc) and replace with freshly roasted lean meats

• Buy and cook dried legumes more often, and rely less on pasta and noodles which are more processed

• Replace margarine or spread with organic preservative-free butter, tahini, avocado or home made hummus.

Change is easily made in small steps. The best approach is always to find out what needs to change, then to start taking small achievable steps – one thing at a time.

Go ahead…try it.  It’s just a week (well, only 6 days if you are starting today).  You will be amazed at how different you feel after the first week is over.

For those of you who are following this challenge with me, I want to hear your comments, feedback.  Write back on my blog.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Good Luck!!!

Have a fit and fabulous day.




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