Living Your Moksha – Week #7 Challenge – BE PEACE

12 Jun

This is it!  The final week of the Moksha challenge.  Hard to believe 6 weeks have gone by already.

Our challenge this week is to be peace.  I think they saved the most difficult one for last because the challenge is to create 1 hour of silence every day this week!  My mouth literally dropped when I read this.  1 HOUR OF SILENCE EVERY DAY???  Seriously?  I consider myself lucky if I can get 1 minute of silence in our home with my two over active and energetic kids.  And no…that hour can’t be while you’re sleeping.  Trust me, I thought of that too!  lol  Well…if I think about it, usually if I get the kids to bed on time and can manage to stay awake long enough I could get that hour in of silence just before I go to bed but of all weeks for this challenge to fall on, my daughter has her dance recitals this week and if that’s not enough between dress rehearsals and two shows, it’s also her birthday on Wednesday.  Oh yes, and did I mention it’s also my nephew’s birthday tomorrow and one of my pregnant sisters may go into labour any day now?  I mean seriously.  Even my daughter looked at me and laughed yesterday when I told her about my challenge.  She said “good luck with that one Mommy”.

But for those of you who know me you know I am determined and don’t like to fail at any challenge.  Especially one as important as this one.  Finding peace within is fundamental to our well-being.  I think it’s even more important for one to try and find peace during times of chaos – such as the week I have ahead of me.  So I begin today with the hope and faith that I will get my one hour of peace before the day is over and continue to try and achieve that not only every day this week but every day for the rest of my life.  Even if it’s not for a complete hour after this challenge is over, it will be my life-long goal to allow peace in to my life.  To rise above the chaos and the turmoil that others may try and bring in to my life.  To be peace – with my loved ones and with myself.

Until next time,



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