CanFit Pro Conference Follow Up

24 Aug

As many of you may already know, I attended the CanFit Pro Conference this past weekend and what a great weekend it was.  This is the third year I attended the conference and each year I bring something new and exciting from the conference which I can pass on to my clients.  It’s an exhilirating and exhausting experience and I am already looking forward to the next one!  Throughout the next month I will share some of the exciting tips I received during the various lectures and workshops I attended.  For today, I am going to give you some NEW tips I learned from Tosca Reno about Eating Clean.  It goes to show you that even though I have been a clean eater for almost 4 years now, have read practically every single one of Tosca’s books and cookbooks and follow her on Facebook and Twitter, there is always something new to learn.  I feel it is my duty to share my knowledge with you so you can incorporate it into your every day lives and perhaps share it with your friends and loved ones as well.  Keep in mind, however, that if you are not already a follower of the Eat Clean Diet you should start by getting The Eat Clean Diet Recharged book.  This is a good starting point for anyone wanting to make this positive lifestyle change that you can and should enjoy for the rest of your life.

Ten tips from Tosca:

1.  Eat 5-6 small meals/day  (7 if you are training intensely) which means you should be eating approximately every 3 hours.

2.  For you COFFEE drinkers:

  •  for every 8oz of coffee you drink you need 12oz of water to replenish the water lost (this is on top of the average 8oz of water you should already be drinking on a daily basis).
  • drink your coffee black or with just a touch of non-fat (or unsweetened non-dairy) milk (NO SUGAR!!)
  • choose organic – Organic Free Trade Coffee is the best way to go

3.  To replenish electrolytes stay away from sports drinks which are high in sugar.  Instead drink coconut water or add a squirt of lemon and just a pinch of sea salt to your purified plain water which provides the calcium and  minerals that are lost during the purification process.

4.  You NEED fat in your diet.  Stick to good fats which include nuts & seeds, nut butters, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil.  Tosca recommends choosing fats of impeccable source, preferrably organic.

5.  Things you should know about OLIVE OIL:

  • it is best for you at room temperature (i.e. drizzled on your salad or steamed veggies).  Try not to cook with olive oil.  When olive oil is heated it creates free radicals, and when combined with the chemicals from the pan/pot you are using to cook, it’s a recipe for disaster on your health.  These types of free radicals contribute to disease.  Coconut oil is strong but is the most heat stable oil.  You only need to use very little of it to get the job done.  If you must use olive oil for cooking then use no more than 1 tbsp and heat at lower temperatures.
  • The clearer the olive oil the better it is for you.
  • Put a dollop of olive oil on your finger and taste it.  If you feel a tingle on your tongue then you know it’s good.

6.  For good oral care and clean, bright teeth, try swishing sesame oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes.  It’s good for your breath too!!

7.  If you are having some indigestion problems or experience a lot of heartburn, a good home remedy is Apple Cider Vinegar.  For about 2 weeks, try drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar (or 2 tbsp) 20 minutes before each [main] meal.  You will feel a slight burning sensation right away in your diaphragm – a sure way to know it’s working.

8.  Incorporate sweet potato in to your daily diet.  It’s a starch…a GOOD one!  Use it to replace regular potatoes or rice with your meal.  Sweet potatoes vary in size and shape so aim for 1/2 of a large sweet potato as one serving.

9.  A healthy person releases their bowels 2-3 times per day!  YES…per day, not per week.  Sounds crazy but not being able to go to the washroom regularly may even be contributing to those extra pounds you can’t seem to lose.  Add more fibre to your diet and be sure to drink PLENTY of water.

10.  FLAXSEED – oh the magic of this seed.  In order to get the full benefit you must grind it before ingesting it.  The seed in its whole form does not get absorbed in your body and will pass right through you so be sure to grind it in your magic bullet or a small coffee grinder before using it.  If flaxseed isn’t already part of your daily diet, you need to start slowly by incorporating maybe a teaspoon at a time until you gradually work up to 4 tbsp daily.  Proceed with caution though because too much flaxseed will have you visiting the washroom a lot more than you would have anticipated.  It’s a great natural laxative and has a lot of fibre.  Flaxseed can be added to your oatmeal, protein shakes, sprinkled on salad…heck I even put it in my tomato sauce!!!  Get creative…it can be used in a multitude of ways and that’s a good thing when trying to get your kids to incorporate this magic stuff in to their diets.

Thank you Tosca.  You are an inspiration to me and thousands of people out there.  I hope I can look as good as you when I am in my 50’s!!!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous weekend.



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