A Time for Something New

9 Jan

The beginning of a new year always brings with it new year resolutions, new goals, new hopes and dreams and plans for the upcoming year.

As I reflect on the year that has just passed I can’t help but smile.  2012 was  a challenging year in many ways, but it was definitely a good year.  With all the good that came in 2012, there were some life-altering changes that forced me to re-think my future.  On a personal level, my divorce became final.  Although my marriage had ended the year prior, that piece of paper, not unlike a marriage certificate, just made it official.  I am now a divorcee.  A single mother.  For some that may sound scary.  For me, it was liberating.  I knew I wasn’t happy in my life and things needed to change.  I couldn’t continue to wake up every morning and wish my life was different.  I am not the type of person who can pretend to be happy for too long.  I wear my emotions on my sleeve.  I needed to be strong enough for me and my children to make the right move.  For me, that meant ending my marriage.  That piece of paper was just proof of my strength and I am proud.  I even got a tattoo with the word STRENGTH as a gift to myself.  A reminder that I am strong and will continue to be strong for as long as necessary.

On a more professional level, there were also some changes at work that, for me, just weren’t the right changes.  I tried to convince myself that change was necessary and things would get better but as time has progressed, things just seem to have gone from bad to worse.  I wake up every morning and although I don’t wish my life to be different, I wish my circumstances were.  I don’t look forward to coming in to work and I count the hours until I can leave.  Once again, I am faced with that feeling that things need to change…I need to make them change because I can’t continue to be in an unhappy, unhealthy environment.  I have resolved 2013 will be the year these changes happen.  I will pursue my dream of entering the health and fitness world on a full-time basis.  Exactly how and when has not yet been determined but I do know I will definitely incorporate yoga in to whatever I do as it has become a big part of my life in the past couple of years.  I know that this is what I want to do and by publishing this blog,  I have now made myself accountable so I now have no choice but to make sure something happens!! :0

In the meantime, I am focusing on expanding my client base through both my personal training and nutritional counseling.  I am available for at-home private training in both the Vaughan and Oakville/Burlington area (I commute back and forth regularly) and I am even making myself available for on-line support.  With social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Pinterest I am looking to reach out to people from all areas.  With fitness apps and websites in abundance, the days of one-on-one personal training are becoming more obsolete.  But I still believe people want and need human interaction.  A friendly voice on the other line or even a personal response to an email as opposed to an automated one.  Someone to hold yourself accountable to, someone who can provide you with weekly updates and new information and who can give you the motivation an app can’t.  That person can be me.

If you’re like me and are going to make 2013 the year to “make it happen” no matter what “it” is then now is the time to start!  Remember that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  You only get results when you change whatever it is that you are currently doing.  So are you ready for something new?  Are you ready to get results?  Are you ready for change?  I know I am…

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!



2 Responses to “A Time for Something New”

  1. Angie January 9, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    You, my friend, are the example of the brightest star that shines in the midst of millions!!!
    i am so proud of you…..love ya! Angie

    • Lisa Pisano January 10, 2013 at 11:31 am #

      WOW!!! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. You are truly an amazing friend Angie and I cherish it. Thank you for such heart warming words of kindness. I too am proud to call you my friend. xoxoxo

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