Meatless Mondays

4 Feb

It’s been over a year now that I have been posting Meatless Monday recipes and some of my new readers may not know the reason for this and some of my “older” followers may have forgotten the reason why I post these recipes every Monday.  Sooooo…I decided to dig through my archives and found an article I wrote which explains the purpose of “Meatless Mondays”.

But before you read the remainder of this blog, you need to know a bit more about me and my eating habits.  I don’t eat meat.  I don’t consume any dairy.  I also follow a clean eating lifestyle which means I stay away from sugars and processed foods.  What do you eat?  You ask?  Well A LOT of fruits, vegetables, legumes and grains.  I don’t consider myself a true “vegan” because I still eat seafood.  I am half Portuguese so giving up fish seems almost impossible for me.  It may happen one day but right now I am just not ready or willing to give up my sushi ;).  I read a book called Skinny Bitch a few years ago and it was from that moment that I refused to eat anything associated with a cow.  There was also a chapter on chickens in that book but I refused to read it…I was too afraid of what  I would learn.  So, for a couple of years I had only given up red meat and dairy (and have also taken both my kids completely off dairy).  I still  continued to eat chicken and turkey.  At some point last year, however, I began reading a book called The China Study (I am still reading it…it’s a long book!! :O).  Since reading that book I made the decision to cut out all meat.  Some of you may be thinking that maybe I should stop reading, lol, but I can’t ignore the information that is out there.  Knowledge is power.  I still continue to read and am learning more as I go and you can rest assured that I will happily pass on my information to you.  What you choose to do with it is your choice.

I am not asking you all to become vegan or vegetarians or put any label to what you do or don’t eat.  I do not judge people for what they eat.  My role here is to simply try and educate and allow others to formulate their own conclusions.  No one can nor should anyone try to tell you how to live your life.  What I am asking is that you make a conscious effort to your body and to the environment and you can start by making one day a week meatless.  It’s not hard.  I have enough meatless recipes on this site alone that can get you through each Monday for the rest of this year.  Why not try it?  Why not start making a difference, if you haven’t already.

Here is the article:

Meatless Mondays is a growing, international movement that shares the goal of trying to reduce meat consumption on a global level.  Why? You ask.  There are a number of good reasons.  One of them includes the attempt to reduce our ecological footprint and the other (more importantly to me for purposes of this blog) is to reconnect with foods that are natural, nutritious and delicious which, in turn, will assist in your efforts to live a healthier lifestyle.

Why Mondays?  For many people the week begins on Monday.  On Monday we move from the freedom of the weekend back to the structure of work or school.   We set our intentions for the next six days and plan ahead.  From an early age we internalize this rhythm. And studies suggest we are more likely to maintain behaviors begun on Monday throughout the week. That makes Monday the perfect day to make a change for your health and the health of our planet. 1

This movement is not about going vegetarian.  It is about healthy, sustainable eating.  Studies show that reducing meat intake can lower your risk for developing chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.2   Combine this with regular physical activity and you are well on your way to either preventing and/or managing the above mentioned chronic diseases as well as getting that much closer to your weight loss goals.

Why not get inspired and go meatless one day a week?  You can find countless, delicious recipes on either or

“Fruits, grains and vegetables are undeniably the future of sustainability and healthy eating and nutrition in this country and eventually the world.”  Quoted from world renowned Italian chef Mario Batali



Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!



2 Responses to “Meatless Mondays”

  1. Sena February 4, 2013 at 7:19 pm #

    I actually own a copy of Skinny Bitch but have yet to read it myself, and have heard of the China study through Vegucated, a documentary I have watched. I look forward to reading both these books and ask if there is anything else you may recommend? Again love your blog and your enthusiasm is contagious!! XX

  2. Bek Mugridge February 7, 2013 at 6:46 am #

    I love the skinny bitch books, but have been a vegetarian for 22 years so wasn’t hugely surprised but enjoyed it very much. Knowledge really is power, your right.
    You have a beautiful blog and great information here.
    I found you through the circle of moms top 25 and voted for you, good luck! Fellow nominee Author Rebecca Mugridge x

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