Staying on Track on Vacation

20 Feb

I am back from an absolutely AMAZING week at the Riu Palace in Los Cabos Mexico!!! I spent almost 2 weeks prior to my vacation restricting my diet and working out in the hopes of looking my best in a bikini, just to get there and mess it all up right? Isn’t that what we all do? We work hard to look good on the beach or by the pool and then once we’re there we indulge in those sugary alcoholic drinks and eat an abundance of food cause what else would you expect at an all-inclusive?!??! Well, not exactly! I’m all about balance. I’m not going to tell you that I adhered to a strict eating regimen while away because that would be a lie. But I will say that my man and I did our very best to make healthy eating choices and exercised regularly while we were on our trip.

buffet decorWe made pretty healthy choices for most of the time while we were there. There was plenty of seafood to choose from to make up for our protein content (we also brought protein powder with us to make our protein shakes for workouts) and the fruit and vegetable options were endless. The food was delicious.  Breakfast usually consisted of either egg white omelettes filled with veggies and no cheese, or oatmeal with fresh fruit and a cup of coffee.  Lunch was another buffet spread of plenty of seafood and veggies and rice.  For my snacks I relied on natural protein bars that we brought from home with my daily apple that I would take with me from the breakfast buffet.


As for the dinners, let’s just say some nights were better than others as far as healthy choices are concerned :).  Some things are easier said than done and when you have a dish like the one on the right staring at you, well let’s just say it was too damn good to resist.  But what the heck? We were on vacation!! Remember the 80/20 rule? If you’re following your plan 80% of the time you can afford to veer off that plan about 20% of the time and not feel guilty about it.

We were up every single morning at the crack of dawn (albeit the one morning we were suffering from a very late night outing) working out in the gym for at least an hour.  This was the view from my treadmill…IMG_2507

It was pretty chilly in the morning when we got up so we timed it perfectly.  By the time we finished our workout, changed and ate breakfast, we were just in time to catch the sun and enjoy our day out by the pool or get ready to head in to the city.  We did a lot of walking around the resort – it was a large resort and our room was at the far end of the hotel (with a spectacular view) so walking to the lobby, the buffet, the gym and any of the restaurants was a bit of a stretch but we used that to our advantage cause it allowed us to always walk off our meals :).

The gym wasn’t the hotel’s best feature but it had some of the basics so there were no excuses!  It’s all about being creative and not making excuses.  The way I see it is that as long as you have the space, maybe even a little bit of music, and a pair of running shoes, you’re good to go.

workout 2workout 1workout 3

I could tell you that swimming was also part of our exercise regime but I don’t think dunking yourself in the water just long enough to cool off from the heat can be considered a form of exercise and I know he’s gonna read this and call me out on that one so I had to come clean.  Swimming was not part of our exercise regime.  But yoga definitely was!

yoga 02yoga 04

I actually practiced some yoga on the beach some mornings and have to say that it was breathtaking!  The view and sound of the ocean brought such a strong sense of peace and serenity to me that I just wanted to be there all day!  It’s a feeling I will not soon forget.  There is something to be said about the sound of the ocean and the calming effect it has on the body.  Absolutely phenomenal!!  I look forward to the day when I will be teaching yoga to others on a beach like this 😉

Well vacation is over and now it’s back to reality.  As much as we stayed on track, there is no comparison to the discipline I follow when I am back home.  Back to home-cooked, clean eating meals and my daily routine at my gym.  I mean I need to stay motivated to keep in shape for the next trip!!! 😉

I promise to keep you posted.

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!



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