Today’s Guest Blogger talks to you about Healthy Vegan Travel Tips

17 Apr

It feels great to know that my blog is reaching different people from all over.  I was recently approached by a personal trainer/nutritionist who is based in New York.  Cole Millen is an avid traveler and foodie who never forgets that life’s best memories are made through real life apprehension of legitimate “experiences.”   He asked if he could be a guest blogger on my site and today I am honoured to present you his piece!  Enjoy 🙂

Healthy Vegan Travel Tips

It’s hard enough to keep on track with a diet in the comfort of one’s home, but remaining healthy on the road can present some serious challenges to the average dieter.  When a dieter chooses to live a vegan lifestyle, a lot of those issues may become even more difficult due to highly restricted food intake. A vegan dieter shouldn’t feel that he or she has to give up healthy eating just because finding vegan food on the road seems like too large a challenge.

Bring Food Along

Whether a traveler is vegan or not, bringing food along on a vacation is one of the best ways to reduce how difficult it might be to find appropriate food options. No matter if travel might be taking place domestically or in a foreign country, bringing food along is always going to have multiple benefits.  Not only will pre-purchased food be exactly what someone wants to eat, it may also lower the vacation budget somewhat since packed food will always be cheaper than eating out while on the road.

Another reason why bringing food can be helpful is that substitutions or additions can be made in a restaurant to enhance flavor. Often a vegan customer will have to deal with a fairly plain entree and by bringing some vegan-friendly condiments or toppings, eating out becomes a little tastier.

Note: Try not to insult the chef by dousing his creation with an item from home. Such additions should be made without a lot of excitement and as judiciously as possible.

Research before Travel

One of the most valuable projects before the vacation starts is going to be the research that needs to be done on local vegan options. Vacations often occur in areas where a person hasn’t been before, and so looking at local restaurants, food options, and even at the local customs can help.

This may mean investigating websites specializing in restaurants and food of a particular geographic area, or looking into the information provided by locals on traditional foods. Reading reviews on the hotels and restaurants prior to your departure can be extremely valuable in maintaining your vegan lifestyle. For example, If you are staying in a Las Vegas hotel, reading first hand reviews from travelers with the same interests, will allow you to gain insight into where you can find the best vegan alternatives in the buffet ridden desert.

Another valuable type of information may come from clubs and vegan groups who have pooled together information about a particular area that may help a traveler find the best meal options to keep a vegan diet on track. Understanding and reading about the experiences of others can do much to reduce unpleasant experiences while on the road.

Learn the Language

Discussing dietary needs with the locals can be difficult if there is a language barrier and before stepping foot into a nation where the language is altogether foreign, it can be highly valuable to have a list of basic vocabulary words that are related to food and what a traveler might want to eat.

Although running the word “vegan” through an online translator might sound tempting, vegan travelers should be cautious because this word doesn’t translate exactly into every other language. Sometimes the word “vegan” or the word “vegetarian” is simply used to describe an ordinary sort of meal that is without embellishment.

While researching the trip before departure, vocabulary of local foods is certainly something to learn and these lessons may help significantly when there is communication to be done.

Offer Ideas at Restaurants

If a traveler speaks the language, making changes and substitutions at a restaurant, or even offering suggestions on new dishes can certainly help a dieter stick to their vegan lifestyle. Coming to the restaurant prepared with some ideas and a general sense of what the establishment sells on its menu is an excellent way to prepare some suggestions and changes.

As long as the ideas are offered in a respectful manner and aren’t a request that totally changes a menu item, many substitutions or changes can be made simply and with little fanfare.

Cook While on the Road

Anyone who is dieting is going to want to take advantage of cooking options while on the road, and this is particularly true for vegan eaters. Being able to control everything in a dish from prep to finish is highly valuable for maintaining a vegan lifestyle. Many hotels, hostels, and motels around the world will offer basic cooking accommodations.

Also realize that all the food cooked in the motel kitchen doesn’t have to come from home. There are many countries and locales around the world where farmers markets are popular, and it’s easy to pick up some native fruits and vegetables for meals on the road.

Dieting on vacation doesn’t have to be impossible, nor does maintaining a healthy vegan lifestyle. With a little awareness and some forethought, it’s possible to have a sublimely vegan vacation that’s relaxing, exciting, and enjoyable with family or friends.

Also realize that sometimes there just aren’t going to be any vegan options at a particular stop. Don’t get frustrated and realize that everyone has a few issues on vacation once in a while and that a slip-up isn’t the end of the world. With planning and research, vegan friendly vacations can be a delightful experience where a diet doesn’t have to be forgotten.


Please leave me your comments.  Let me know if you like the idea of me featuring guest bloggers on my site.  Would you like to be a guest blogger???  I hope to hear from you.


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