I Did It!!

10 Jun

It’s hard to believe a month has gone by and I can now say that I have completed the in-class, intensive portion of my yoga teacher training. 🙂 What an experience!!  It truly is one that I will cherish forever.

I learned some yoga philosophy, some sanskrit and chanting as well as being introduced to some meditation and breathing techniques.  I was given the opportunity to teach part of not one but two beginner yoga classes.  I met some amazing yoga teachers and created great new friendships, and if that weren’t enough…I learned to do some pretty kick-ass yoga!!!  I knew I was learning some tough stuff while I was in class and trying to twist and contort my body in to positions I never thought possible (and having to ice my body for hours at a time when I’d get home) but when I got back to the gym this morning (after not being there for a month) and took hold of my own private space in the aerobics room before any class began, I was amazed to actually see how far I’ve come.  My ability to do self-practice, to my own music, with no “cheat sheets” in front of me, no fear of what I may look like and no care about whether or not I’d get to the next pose and/or how long it would take me.  It was just me and my mat.  My ability to focus astonished even me!!  It is something that was most definitely strengthened during this recent journey of  mine.  Along with my patience and new-found appreciation of my body and what it is capable of doing.  I no longer care so much about what my body looks like as much as I care about what it FEELS like!  It took me almost 40 years to realize this and it wasn’t easy.  I have always been a gym rat surrounded by mirrors and constantly wanting to achieve the next “level” of fitness…whatever that meant.  It wasn’t until I spent these past 4 weeks working out parts of my body I had never paid attention to before, and really paying attention to how things felt as opposed to how things looked (there were no mirrors in any of the studios!!) that I can now truly say I know what a yoga pose is supposed to feel like…regardless of the way it may look to others.  I also feel stronger than I ever did lifting any weights and that is something I cannot ignore.  The power of the mind and the will to succeed makes you stronger than anything ever can!  Did I mention I can do a headstand? 🙂

I still have a long way to go before I can start teaching yoga to others but I am prepared for the challenge and I look forward to it.  I plan on spending the rest of my summer preparing for that certificate so that I can have something once again to call my own and have the ability to share it and teach it to others.  I truly hope that I get the opportunity to share my knowledge with you!  I will keep you posted as to where I’ll be teaching once that starts!!

I want to take this opportunity to thank the teachers at Downward Dog for sharing their knowledge and experience with me and the other teachers-in-training. They are truly some of the best teachers this city has to offer.  Special thanks to:

David Bruni
Diane Bruni
Ron Reid
Marla Joy
Amica Hilton
Cecily Milne
Tamara Berger

I look forward to seeing them all again as I continue to practice at Downward Dog over the summer.

Wishing you all a fantastic week!

Until next time,




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