Having your kids eat healthy (written by RoseMarie Meleca)

6 Jul

This is a blog my sister wrote about me and my kids yesterday and it is just too funny to pass up. I’m still sore from laughing so much. Enjoy the read!!!

rosemarieplusthree's Blog

I did intend to try to feed my kids healthy food for as long as I possibly could. It really did start off that way-Steamed organic food with no salt but eventually they will eat at someone else’s house or you have to take them to a restaurant and they’ll realize you’ve been cheating them. Also, being a busy mom you are eventually gonna have to figure out how to maneuver your mini van through a drive through and you can only be the freak at McDonald s asking for fries with no salt for so long. (Sidenote to McDonalds–dont ever replace my kids regular scheduled french Fries with a yogurt and a french fry pack that holds 3 fries again!!! A. that requires a spoon and allows for possible spillage while driving. B. You just caused a 3 year Old to lose his shit and C. if i wanted…

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