Happy Birthday Little Man!!

29 Jul

Where does the time go?  My son is turning 10 today.  Double digits…oh my gosh!!   He’s only 3 years from becoming a teenager.  God help me.

I still remember the day I became a mother like it was yesterday.  Julian, from day 1, has made it pretty easy.  He was an easy baby.  Slept all the time, only cried when he was hungry and was sleeping through the night by the time he was only 3 months old – and YES that was just on breast milk for all you non-believers.  He ate whatever I made for him (which is obviously no longer the case) and barely ever complained (which again is no longer true…lol!!).  He was a happy baby and made mothering him the best job in the world.  Even when his baby sister arrived before he was two years old, he was kind, gentle, loving and patient.


I am proud to have Julian as a son.  He truly is a great kid.  He’s an “A” student who has been ahead of his school years since the very tender age of 3 when his dad and I decided to put him in Montessori.  He was walking at 10 months and talking at 15 months.  He has great friends and is pretty darn good at anything he attempts to do in life.  He’s an amazing soccer player and hockey player.  I don’t think there’s anything Julian isn’t good at.  But again, I’m his mom so what do I know?  Right?



_DSC0458What I do know is that Julian is an old soul.  He is wise beyond his years.  Partly from the 20 questions he asks every hour of every day and partly because of what he sees around him.  Nothing goes unnoticed with Julian.  He is an observant and inquisitive child.  Wants to know everything.  Wants to know the reason behind everything.  Yes, he’s that kid that always asks “why?”.  There are some days I like to think I have some of the answers but the truth of the matter is that on most days, I don’t have the answers to the difficult questions he asks.  He has seen a lot in his precious 10 years and has IMG_1324matured quicker than most kids I know his age.  He is sensitive and caring, always making sure his loved ones (mainly his sister and I) are happy.  A true good “man”.  He’ll sacrifice what he wants if it means avoiding an argument with his younger sister or if it means putting a smile on my face (sometimes those are one in the same).  God bless the woman that will one day be lucky enough to steal his heart.  I have no doubt she will be well taken care of.


I am so truly thankful for this precious gift God has bestowed on me and pray that I can continue to be the positive influence on Julian’s life that I hope I have been up until now.  I am also grateful for the strong male role models that surround my son which help him realize what it means to be a good man, and will contribute to making him the good husband and father I know he will one day become.

Happy Birthday my little man.  Thank you for being the best son a mother could ever ask for.  Mommy loves you more than you’ll ever know…




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