Merry Christmas

24 Dec

I woke up this morning and saw the light snowfall outside and it put a smile on my face.  What a beautiful sight.  It’s been a crazy week as far as the weather is concerned (not to mention the given craziness of it being the week before Christmas) and some people – including members of my family are still without power and my prayers are with them.  It’s not an easy time of year and something like this can only add stress to  an already stressful season.  But instead of focusing on what people don’t have, I am choosing to focus on what we do have – especially this time of year.  Family.  There is nothing more sacred than the bond of family.

My mom and step-dad have been without power in their condo for the past 3 days.  They have been going to the mall to eat and get warmth and to charge their phones.  We were supposed to get together on Sunday for our Christmas celebration, but had to cancel due to the storm.  But today, on the eve of Christmas, they will be with her husband’s family, surrounded by love, laughter and food, and electricity!!   My brother-in-law’s family lost their power and have 2 small  children.  They spent the night at my parent’s house on Sunday so they could sleep in a warm bed.  My sister has not had power since Saturday evening and as inconvenient as I know that has been for her, she has had the opportunity to bring her family (which includes 3 small children) to her in-law’s home for heat and some home cooked meals.  Today we will be together at my parent’s house celebrating a huge Christmas Eve dinner just like we have since we were children – only now our children will also get to play together.  These are things to be grateful for.  Not everyone is blessed the way we are.  Not everyone who lost power because of this storm has the option to go to a family member’s home for help.  My heart goes out to those who don’t have a family to be with today.  I can’t imagine being anywhere else than with those I love the most.  It is something I don’t ever want to take for granted.

My kids will be with their dad for Christmas Day and as much as it tears at my heart-strings not to spend the day with them, I can finally find peace in admitting that they are lucky too.  They don’t only have me and my extended family to celebrate Christmas with but they have their Dad and his family too.  There is so much love to go around that I would be selfish to feel anything but happy about that.

I will be celebrating Christmas Eve with my children, my life partner, my parents, my sisters, my brothers-in-law, my niece and nephews and a few other relatives in a room filled with love, laughter, lots of noise and lots of food.  I wasn’t able to see my mom and step-dad and I still miss spending a day like today with my grandparents who are no longer with us.  But you know what?  I still feel blessed.  Why?  Because I choose to focus on what I do have and I definitely have a lot to be grateful for.

I look out my window again and the snow is still falling.  What a beautiful day.  I’m still smiling 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone and God Bless!

Until next time,



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