7 Habits that are Messing with Your Metabolism

29 Jan

Are you working out and eating right but still can’t lose weight?  There may be some habits you have (or don’t have) that are wreaking havoc on your weight loss goals.

1.  You Don’t Drink Enough Water – it’s true!!  Believe it or not you DO need to be getting enough of your H20 daily!  Whether it’s hot with lemon, room temperature, or cold…be sure to get in your water intake.  It has been said that drinking cold water forces your body to burn more calories because the body is working to bring the cold water to 98.6 degrees.   I personally prefer water at room temperature, or hot with lemon every morning when I wake up but that’s just me :)!

2.  You Aren’t Taking Vitamin D Supplements – Did you know that when you’re low in Vitamin D (which is sure to happen in the winter months if you aren’t supplementing), you lose weight slower and your levels of the hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungry, are higher.  Make sure you start taking your daily dose of Vitamin D today!

3.  You’re a Cardio Nut – yes, yes, yes, cardio is good for you but if you haven’t heard already, you absolutely NEED to incorporate strength training in to your workout.  Strength training builds lean muscle which boosts your metabolism.  Need I say more?

4.  You have a Midnight Snack Habit – this one is self-explanatory.  Even though I advocate the notion of eating every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism up and avoid having it slow down, there is research that suggests going several hours WITHOUT eating could be better for you, metabolically speaking.  This period of “fasting” should happen before you go to bed.  When you’re sleeping, your body isn’t working hard to digest food so it’s best to go to bed on an empty stomach and give your digestive system a rest.  Try fasting for a 12-hour period before eating your breakfast.

5.  You Cut Caffeine out of Your Diet – caffeine doesn’t have the best reputation out there but if you’re looking at it from a weight loss point of view, caffeine can actually give your calorie burn a slight boost.  I’m not saying to start overdosing on the java or green tea but if it’s already part of your daily routine, don’t cut it out thinking it would be healthier.  Just remember that it’s the caffeine that gives you the health boost – not the dairy or sugar you add to  it so if you’re still drinking coffee with cream and/or sugar this doesn’t apply to you!

6.  You Don’t Get Enough Sleep – did you know that people who get enough sleep weigh less than their sleep-deprived counterparts.  When you don’t get enough sleep it throws the hormones that control appetite out of whack.  Haven’t you noticed that when you’re tired you make poor food choices and you’re always feeling hungry??  That’s no coincidence.  If you aren’t already getting at least 7 hours of sleep nightly…you might want to start tonight.

7.  You’re Constantly Stressed – When you’re stressed, the stress hormone Cortisol becomes activated.  When this happens, your body goes in to fat-storage mode and much of that fat tends to get stored in your belly.  Not a pleasant thought.  It’s time to de-stress…have you tried yoga yet?

Soooo…next time you step on the scale and wonder why it’s not budging (assuming you’re on track with the diet and exercise), take a look at the above items and ask yourself if you’re guilty of any or all of these.  The smallest change can make a world of difference!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!



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