10 Exercises for Rock Hard Abs

2 Apr

Let’s be honest…if we had a choice, we would all choose some form of a six-pack for abs over a muffin top or keg or whatever name some people have given to their bellies.  A hard, lean stomach represents fitness.  Even if your arms aren’t as toned as you’d like or your thighs don’t have that “thigh gap” that seems to be the ridiculous craze this season, a flat and toned stomach is just something we all (or at least we all should) aim to achieve – not only for vanity purposes but for health reasons as well.  Even if it’s not a six-pack we are after, how about strengthening your core so that you have less back issues, better posture, and just an overall better feeling about yourself?

It doesn’t hurt to offer some help along the way, especially since bikini season will eventually (although I don’t know when!!) be here.

Click the link to find 10 exercises that will help you get washboard abs.

 Daily Hiit Abs

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!



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