What to Do When You’ve Strayed from Your Healthy Eating Plan

9 Apr

We are all guilty of this – some more often than others and some just a lot more than others, but it happens to the best of us – you’re doing great eating healthy, drinking your water, getting in your daily activity and then the holidays come or you go on vacation or it’s a weekend filled with festivities and everything goes right out the window.  As long as straying from your regular healthy routine is not something you’re doing on a regular basis (like every single weekend), don’t beat yourself up over it.   Having one bad meal is not as bad as having a bad day and is definitely not as bad as having an entire weekend or week where you’ve thrown caution to the wind. Know that we all get off track once in a while, and the important thing is knowing how to get right back on  it.    There are some things you can do the day after to help get you back on track.  Check out the link below to see how…

7 Tips to Bounce Back

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!



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