An Open Letter to My Yoga Teachers

23 May

I read this and it actually brought me to tears.  This letter is an absolute accurate description of how I have felt and still feel about many of the yoga teachers I have had the privilege of encountering during my yoga journey – Diane Karlos, Danny Noel, Gerald Riosa, Sabrina Marcantonio, Diane Bruni, David Bruni, Ron Reid, Marla Joy, and Amica Hilton – to name only a few.  They have each left their footprint on the yogic path that has led me to where I am today.

For a new yoga teacher like myself, these words of encouragement are helpful.  It gives me hope that not only can I do this but I can and will be good at it.  My hope is that I can have at least one student, in every class, leave the room feeling at least one of the things mentioned in this letter.  If I am able to be that footprint, at any point during my teaching journey, to any of my students, I will know that I have come full circle.  This is my goal.  It is my destiny.

Letter to My Yoga Teachers

Until next time,




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