Foods that Boost Your Health and Skin

28 May

Ever heard the saying that your skin is the window to your entire body?  And do you know that your health is reflected in your skin? Healthy looking skin starts with a healthy body.  So before you think about purchasing that $100 face cream your local beautician has convinced you will make you look 10 years younger, consider changing your diet first and see if you can make lifelong changes from the inside out :).



You are probably sick of hearing me tell you that you should be drinking more water.  But I wouldn’t tell you to do it if it didn’t have amazing benefits for your health and for your skin!!  Water hydrates your skin and hydrated skin looks fresher and younger than dehydrated skin.  “There are molecules in the skin that actually bind water.  Your skin will not be as plump if you are dehydrated,”  according to dermatologist Joely Kaufman-Janette, MD, assistant professor and director of the Aging and Geriatric Skin Center at the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.  Skin also becomes dry when it loses too much water, so you need to drink plenty of liquids to replace daily water loss. 



blueberriesBlueberries have antioxidants that help fight aging skin.  Other sources of antioxidants that you can include in your healthy diet are red wine and dark chocolate.  Need I say more on this??  Oh yes, I will add that eating fruits and veggies in their fresh, raw form provides more antioxidants than when cooked.





salmonFish that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids should be part of a healthy skin diet.  Omega-3s are a great source of oil for the skin without clogging your pores.  Many people try to cut out all fat from their diet, not realizing, that without some healthy fat as part of your daily diet, your skin may suffer.  A diet that is too low in healthy fats can actually lead to dull, dry skin.  Now for those of you who are vegan and don’t eat fish, you can definitely use Omega-3 supplements together with other types of food that are high in Omega-3 such as flaxseed, chia seed, hempseed, seaweed, beans and dark  leafy greens.


Whole Wheat

whole grainsWhaaaat???  Did I just name a gluten-based food on a list of “healthy” foods?  Yup, you read it right, I did!!!  I will say it again for those of you who may not have read any of my rants about this gluten-free craze that is all the rage today…unless you suffer from celiac or another form of gluten intolerance, there is absolutely NO reason why you shouldn’t be including it in your diet.  I will repeat again for clarity:   AS LONG AS YOU DON’T HAVE A GLUTEN INTOLERANCE THERE IS NO REASON WHY YOU SHOULDN’T EAT WHOLE GRAIN PRODUCTS!!  Think of whole grain products as smart food for your skin.  Whole grains are packed with fiber, which promotes healthy digestion, and it’s worth noting that digestive problems are often reflected in unhealthy skin.


Green Teagreen tea

Green tea has two benefits for your skin: It contains antioxidants, which may fight the effects of aging, and drinking it is a good way to stay hydrated. When given the option, choose green tea over beverages that don’t promote skin health.  If you can substitute a good choice at every meal you will already begin to look and feel healthier.


Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoDid you know that sweet potatoes help reduce wrinkles??  Sweet potatoes give you a healthy dose of vitamin A, which has been found to help reduce wrinkles and other signs of aging.  If you haven’t already switched your regular fries to sweet potato fries, it would be a good idea to begin including sweet potatoes and other foods rich in vitamin A as part of a healthy diet.




Broccoli and other green vegetables are great for the skin. The richer the color of veggies and fruits, the more likely they are to contain the nutrients you need for a healthy diet.  When it comes to your veggies, darker is better.  Darker broccoli florets provide more vitamins A and C, and both of these vitamins help fight fine lines and reduce wrinkles.



ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weissAvocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamins A and C, and fiber, make them an almost perfect healthy food that enhances your complexion and fight aging skin.  So be sure to add avocado to your salad, sandwiches or how about some guacamole please??




So there you have it.  You can start looking better by dinner this evening!! I have saved you a trip to the local beauty store and saved you some money at the same time while helping you shave years off your skin.  You can thank me later ;).

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!




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