Elimination Diets

11 Jun

Do you ever feel really bloated or gassy or just plain exhausted after certain meals?  Have you ever wondered if the food you’re eating may not be agreeing with your body?  Ever wanted to know how to get to the root of the problem without spending hundreds of dollars on fancy tests with your naturopath?  How about trying an elimination diet?

Elimination diets sound a lot scarier than what they actually are.  I have used them in the past (on clients, my family, myself) to figure out what foods work best for a particular body and which ones, not so much.  It is an excellent, cost effective way of pinpointing what foods your body does not agree with, without having to guess or go through various medical testing with your doctor and/or naturopath.  Elimination diets are best done under some guidance so you can be sure you are following a proper eating plan and documenting the foods you eat and how you are feeling afterward.  If anyone is interested in trying an elimination diet to figure out if they are sensitive to certain foods, I would be more than happy to help.  In the meantime, read this article below from MindBodyGreen to get a better idea of what an elimination diet entails and to learn about what foods you should be eating if you are on one.

What to Eat on an Elimination Diet

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