A Successful Workshop

16 Jul

Last evening I taught my very first workshop.  It was geared towards building upper body strength and learning how to do some arm balance poses as well as some inversions.  I am happy to report it was a huge success!!!  Amongst the eight students who participated, ranging in ages from 9 to 45 (I’m not mentioning names ladies, don’t worry 😉 ), they each attempted to do something they have never tried before.  Although each of them practice yoga, some on a regular basis, and others who had only practiced a few times before, they allowed me to take them beyond their comfort level and explore new possibilities.  They believed enough in themselves to give themselves permission to let go, permission to face their fears, belief in me to help them move beyond their comfort and in to the unknown and acceptance from each of them about where they are in their practice.

I am so proud of each of them and they should all be proud of themselves.  Proud not only that they had the courage to show up on their mats but the strength, both mentally and physically, to get through a challenging 90-minute workshop!!  I am grateful that they afforded me the opportunity to guide them through this exciting experience…and I’m also sorry if anyone is hurting a little today 🙂 (you can’t say I didn’t warn you)!




If you weren’t able to attend last evening’s workshop I am planning to have another one towards the end of August.  I promise to keep you all posted.

Until next time…remember…go upside down daily!

Have a fit and fabulous day,




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