CanFit Pro Conference

8 Aug

I’ve just completed 2 1/2 hours of CPR training and it’s not even 9:30 on Friday morning. I’m at the CanFitPro conference (#cfpconference) where I have been every August for the past 5 years.  It’s 3 days filled with trade shows, spinning classes, Zumba, boot camp, Pilates, barre, lectures, guest speakers, of course yoga, and so many other forms of fitness that there are too many to list.

Over the years I have learned what NOT to do. For example, I have learned the hard way that you do NOT take back to back spinning, Zumba and BootCamp classes. Especially when you have to come back the next day ;)!!  Experience is such a great teacher. Today there will be some lectures and yoga and tomorrow morning starts with SUP yoga (balance board yoga) which is something I’ve never tried so I’m excited.  There will be lots of yoga this year and some exciting lectures about nutrition and exercise.  Information I promise to share iny upcoming nutritional seminar.

It will be a long and exhausting 3 days but I’m excited. I always get pumped being here and learning about the latest trends in the industry which allows me to then share with my clients and my followers :). image

I’ll be sharing photos and updates on twitter (@lean_lisa) and Instagram (lean_lisa) so be sure to follow me!!

Until next time,

Have a fit and fabulous day!!

Lisa Pisano

Lifestyle Coach


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